The Science of Sleep! An In-Depth Look Into The Causes and Treatment of Insomnia

Let’s talk about sleep. How we, as humans get to to sleep and how we can potentially sleep better. Many of us struggle to get a good nights sleep consistently. Things like stress, anxiety, and environmental disturbances can keep us dreaming of sleep while being quite awake. If you find yourself unable to sleep 3 to 4 nights a week – every single week – you may have chronic insomnia. Insomnia can be characterized by anybody that has trouble sleeping through out the week. Their are many methods of relief for insomnia ranging from therapy to breathing techniques. However, the go to relief for 90% of people is to take a temporary sleep aid to get your body in working order once again.


The Sleep Research Society states that if you are very recently experiencing an inability to sleep – try to begin supplementing melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that aids in all sleeping aspects of the body. It can help one to consistently get a better nights sleep even through stressful situations. Melatonin is a sleep hormone that is completely natural and has no recorded side effects.

Here is one of our favorite videos demonstrating the science behind falling asleep consistently

It’s really quite fascinating isn’t it? Just simple tricks like this can help you to easily fall asleep every single night! Do you have any interesting methods of falling asleep? Counting sheep, and drinking wine are all off the table! On a side note: alcohol can actually prevent you from having a good nights sleep! So never count on that as a cure for insomnia. It’s also been proven time and time again, via science, and research, that getting a bad nights sleep consistently can eventually lead to very serious stomach problems. Please read the aforementioned link to learn how bad sleeping habits will eventually cause constipation, bloating, and other nasty disorders you will not want to deal with.

A look at the Science Behind Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Hello! Welcome to, your go to solution for anything science related! We plan on discussing a plethora of engaging topics here and today we will be talking about sewer line repair and replacement.

What do you need to do in a worst case sewer disaster scenario?
The answer is in the science! We had Dave, an Orange County sewer cleaning expert talk to us today about a few strategies you should take when dealing with sewer line problems. Dave is a legend here in Orange County and has worked with authorities in all industries helping them install or remove major sewer lines. He’s consulted on military projects and was even mentioned by the Corps of Engineers for his groundbreaking work on trenchless sewer line repair. Check out some of the pictures from his website and you will see why Dave is such a legend.

Conclusions That Are Made

We have talked about some of the amazing steps forward that the plumbing industry has made and Rooterman plumbing in Anaheim is no substitute. The science behind drilling, pipe replacement, and drain cleaning has baffled many for years. However, because of the amazing work of both Rooterman and, an Anaheim drain cleaning service, we have really taken strides in figuring things out.

plumber Orange County ca

Plumbers that specialize in trenchless sewer repair also know that it is very important to find a proper Orange County commercial electrician as well. This is because the plumber needs to find someone that can properly make sure that all the electricity has been turned off. This is primarily for safety reasons. When deciding on whether or not your home may need a trenchless sewer line replacement there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. For example, what type of water damage is possible if you don’t take care of this issue quickly? The boys over at, the best water damage restoration Orange County services has to offer have chimed in on this for us. Basically they told us that it just isn’t worth a complete floor replacement when you could just do a pipe replacement. Do one not both!