Are You Finding the Best Food Items for Your Hedgehog Pet?


Are You Finding the Best Food Items for Your Hedgehog Pet?

Actually, the hedgehog is a quite family pet, but they do have special requirements and every owner need to take care of them properly. Before you commit to own a hedgehog, you need to know about their behaviour and food items. If your hedgehog is hungry, you want to feed the best hedgehog food immediately. Before feeding them, you must think about the following questions that include:

  • What are the best hedgehog foods for your pet?
  • How much you should feed it?
  • What kind of foods can hurt them?

However, these types of questions are usual and every pet owner only needs the best food for their pets. With a hedgehog, a feeding time is really very essential in their diet and their quantity sizes are very tiny as well as reasonable to accommodate. When it comes to be aware of hedgehog’s diet, every owner wants to consider the following things such as:

  • The hedgehogs are usually lactose intolerant. So, you should stop feeding your pet much diary. The lesser portions of cottage cheese or yogurt are better, but not more than once per week.
  • The hedgehogs are allowed to consume meat, but don’t feed this more red meat or fatty meats. They also gave a lesser fat diet and also feed them more heavy meat that is not great for them.
  • These hedgehogs are insectivores. They actually enjoy eating more insects in the wild and their diet consists of majorly insects. So, you must stop lure buy insects; because they consist of dangerous insecticides as well as other harmful chemicals, which are dangerous for your pet.
  • Also, you do not feed any raisins or grapes for your hedgehogs; because they are dangerous for your pets to consume.
  • Moreover, the nuts are not to be fed to your hedgehog; because they are not digested easily by hedgehogs and are tough for them to swallow and chew.

Furthermore, it is much essential to remember that each hedgehog is different, so you will learn to know perfectly what your hedgehog needs and when they need it with some cases. Normally, the best hedgehog food are needed only one to two table spoons full of food every day and should live of very simple and cheap diets.

Lists of best food for hedgehog 2019

Lists of best food for hedgehog 2019

Here are the lists of the best hedgehog food according to their ages that include:

Dry cat food

Today, many of the hedgehog owners are feeding their pets with the best cat foods; because these cat foods can have a lot of nutrients that every hedgehog need than food.  This cat food is completely filled with a healthy quantity of protein and fat and also fibre.

Halo holistic seafood medley dry cat food

If your pet craves for something unique and dislikes chicken, this dry cat food will fits you as well as your pet. If you are searching for the best hedgehog food, particularly, it is a very good choice that has a great source of fibre and it consists of 6.5% of fibre.

Chicken soup for the soul kitten canned food

Each can of this kitten food is very slowly cooked and also rich in essential nutrients. You can also feed this pet as a stand-alone supplement or as a food. However, this cat food also has a little bit of vegetables present over it. So the hedgehogs would love to eat this in a perfect proportion.

Wild high protein meat

It is also good for hedgehogs that are much crazy on fish. Each pack consists of different combination of trout, potato, sweet potato and ocean fish meal and potato protein. It is also greatly rich in nutrients as well as more digestible with the proprietary products that can surely keep your pet very healthy as well as strong.

Fromm family food for adult cats

Each pack now comes at about 15 pounds, so each of this adult cat food can specifically last for a long. Its major ingredients consist of rice, salmon meal, duck, pearled barley and salmon meal.

Food and diet guide of hedgehog

Food and diet guide of hedgehog

Now, many of the commercial hedgehog foods are not available in the pet stores. That is why; many of the owners are buying best hedgehog food as their pet fasteners. The meat dry or chicken cat food is better decent and also high in protein. Even though, the dry foods must be a major portion of your hedgehog’s diet.

Fruits and veggies

Apart from meats, you must include a little bit of fruits and vegetables in your pet’s diet. You can use apples, corns, peas, carrots and beans. Also, you do not over feed your pet like more fruits and vegetables. Its diet only contains of about 5% to 10% of vegetables and fruits in their meals.

Moist foods

The moist foods must be fed to hedgehog every at this time and then. The canned dog or cat food actually works well for hedgehogs. You can also ensure that the canned meal is high in protein and it is made from chicken, meat or fish based on your pet’s preference.

Water supply

You should always ensure that your pet has clean as well as fresh water in their cages. You can simply utilize a water bottle stopper that it supports to keep the water clean for your pets.


It would be good, if you would provide some treats to your pets in between the meals, but you can ensure that you only feed them in control. Insects such as crickets and meal worms are good choices as treats as well as you can also attempt the cat treats, chicken, hamburger and eggs.


Therefore, the hedgehogs are not picky consumers, so it will not be an issue for you, when it comes to selecting the best hedgehog food for them. But, you must be very careful in choosing which kind of food type can offer the entire nutritional requirements to your pet.