Foods that Scientifically make you constipated

remedies for constipationAlmost everyone suffers from occasional constipation and lack of fiber is a frequent constipation cause. Below are a list of popular foods that can make you become constipated:

Chocolate – large amounts of fat in chocolate tends to slow down the digestion process. It also slows down muscle contraction making foods unable to move through the bowels. This can make chronic constipation very difficult and extremely uncomfortable.

Dairy Products – Products like cheese and milk makes many people constipated. Cheese has an excessive amount of saturated fats and cholesterol, it is also one of the most super refined and processed foods. The fats and cholesterol can stick to the colon wall, blocking it which can result in constipation.



Red Meat – This is not to be eaten in large quantities it is high in fat and takes longer to be processed in the digestive track, which can be one of the biggest causes of constipation. Red Meat also has lots of tough fibres which makes it difficult for the stomach to digest.

Grains – These contains a number of proteins that people may be sensitive to, which includes gluten.Gluten can cause an immune reaction followed by swelling of the intestines which makes stools become difficult to pass.

Caffeinated Drinks – drinks like coffee, black tea and caffeinated sodas like Coke, Pepsi and Redbull can lead to constipation when taken in large amounts. Coffee and caffeinated drinks are referred to as ‘diuretics’. They make us urine more water than we ingest which can result to a mild form of dehydration. The fluids that are excreted out of the kidney would not be available to moisten our stools, hence they become very difficult to mass out of the body.