Time for a Bathroom Remake! The Science behind Bathroom Renovation

remodeledbathroomBathroom remodeling is no tiny task. Unless you are trained, it’s really more of a science, so we advise, do not begin to rip off the tiles and picking out the tub. Seek some professional help from the people who know best. The best place to start any remodeling project is the budget especially since it will have a big impact on the type of materials you select for your bathroom renovation. It will also help you set the limits of your project. Here are some tips for both the do-it yourself job as well as helping a qualified person do the job for you.

  • Have a colour scheme in mind. It is important to plan ahead what you would like to have in your bathroom and buy materials that will blend well. A bathroom is somewhere everyone is exposed to, you do not want it looking like a hot mess. Choose colors wisely. The expert bathroom scientists over at ACR Construction had this to say about the bathroom remodeling Orange County CA has been talking about for the past 3 months:
  • Be sure to check out home centers and local suppliers since they may have a wide selection of essential items in a range of colors and sizes. Seeking help online is also a useful place to get started for good designs, styles and patterns to suit your specific need.
  • Do not be too cheap. Don’t settle for cheap plastic components that hang from the shower-head or attach to rods that run from your tub to the ceiling. They look unappealing and can ruin your attractive new design. You’ll want in-shower storage for your daily essentials so get quality products that last or perhaps have them custom-fitted right into the tile walls.
  • Get more wiring. It is advisable to replace the wiring with enough outlets for all the appliances as we use today. Keep in mind those electric razors and toothbrushes to hair-straightening irons.
  • Update the lighting. Do not have a new bathroom but obsolete light fixtures. Consider putting lighting over the shower for better brightness while you’re showering. Ensure the lights are suitable for bathrooms and consider whether you will need to run extra cables.
  • Spend excessively on an area you like. The urge to cut costs wherever possible is comprehensible but pick your spot to spree on one feature you love that will define the look of your new bathroom. Paying extra for fixtures will most likely reward you inevitably as they are not long lasting and often hard to replace.