What Kind of Food Do Betta Fish Eat?

By | January 29, 2020

Betta fish is one of the most popular choices for those who love having a fish tank or even individual fishes. But the problem is that betta fishes are quite difficult to maintain and the major problem is when it comes to the food of these fishes. You will have to take care of what your betta fish is taking. So, if you have been looking online, Then here are a few facts that you must take into consideration if you want to maintain your fish pet in a good condition.

Brine shrimp is the favorite food of betta fishes given life or in dried pellet form

What Kind of Food Do Betta Fish Eat?

Brine shrimps are considered to be the best betta fish food when it comes to maintaining the fishes for a longer span of time. Besides this, mosquito larvae and small worms are also an alternative. It is better that you provide live brine shrimp and worms. If you cannot arrange for live shrimps and worms on a daily basis then you can feed your fish with betta pellets or dried fish food that is sold exclusively for beta fishes. These dried pellets are usually made from worms and shrimps and are almost equally good for the fishes. Besides this, what comes into consideration is that you should go through the label of the food packets and pellets before giving them to the fish to check out if they possess the correct ingredients necessary for betta fishes or not.

What should be avoided when it comes to maintaining betta fishes

When it comes to feeding betta fishes one of the most common things that should be avoided are fish food flakes and cubes. You can check out the ingredients list but usually, these are not good for the betta fishes especially if they are of a smaller size. The flakes and cube form of fish food is good only for those large fishes in a fish tank that has been living with several other fishes. They can manage to grow and survive well in these sorts of food. So, growing and taking care of betta fishes are much more complicated than it seems but because if the beauty of these fishes many people prefer having betta fishes as a pet.

Betta fishes are usually carnivorous in nature when it comes to their diet

What Kind of Food Do Betta Fish Eat?

The food habitat of betta fishes is carnivorous in nature so make sure that you provide them food accordingly. Because of the carnivorous nature, betta fishes prefer live worms and shrimps as food. Besides this, if you search online or in the pet shop you will see that betta fish food pellets are sold separately. These can also be given to the betta fish. Usually, people prefer these varieties of fish because of their vibrant color patterns and extensive fin shape and structure that makes them one of the most attractive fish when it comes to pet fishes. But if you want to keep them then you can do it much inexpensively. They just require the correct food to grow.

How much food should be feed to the betta fishes?

Betta fishes do eat quite a lot. One of the best ways to figure out how much food you should provide to your betta fish is to provide food continuously for about 2 minutes and let them eat as much as they can for these 2 minutes. After that, if they keep eating the left-over food at a faster pace then, you can provide them some more and watch when the consumption rate slows down. Once the rate of eating slows down then you can go ahead and take that amount as a reference for future feedings. Usually keeping a track is important as the betta fish do have a habit of overeating and then they tend to swell up their own stomach and release unhealthy discharges that pollute the surrounding environment.

How often should you feed your betta fish?

What Kind of Food Do Betta Fish Eat?

The ideal amount of food that should be provided to the betta fish is twice a day. However, if your fish is big enough then you can go ahead with once a day as well. If the stomach of your fish tends to swell its tummy then it’s better to pass the food for an entire day and let the fish digest the remaining food so that it can stay healthy for a certain span of time. So, when it comes to feeding you need to keep a steady eye on how much the fish is eating and accordingly adjust the amount of food you are providing to the fish. In fact, it is advised that every once in a while, you let them go a day without any food maybe once every two weeks.

Easy availability of betta fish food online and in pet shops

Betta fish is quite a common pet and that is why whenever you try to look online for fish food you can easily find betta fish food. Even in any pet shop, you can find betta fish food or else you can go ahead and shop online in any popular retail site like Amazon and other retail sites. Common fish food that you provide to goldfishes cannot be given to betta fishes and this is because betta fishes have a high protein diet habit, as a result, it should not be feed general fish food. It is fine for a short span of time like a day or two but never in the longer run.

Thus, if you have been looking for a guide to betta fish food and what they require to thrive and survive in the best way then keep the above-mentioned points into consideration as it is not an easy task to maintain betta fishes. But it is not a tough task as well. You just need to take care of the carnivorous diet of the betta fish and feed them in a limited amount.